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LocoNet® DCC Command Station, designed specially for you FRED owners, who like the idea of a simple D.I.Y. Command Station to use at home.



  • Stand-alone LocoNet® DCC Command Station
  • Supports all NMRA DCC format loco decoders
  • Use any LocoNet® throttle, like e.g. FRED and UT1
  • Run up to 8 loco addresses at the same time
  • Use up to 8 throttles at the same time
  • Numeric keypad, and four digit LED display for easy operation
  • Painless short (1-127) and long (128-9999) address selection
  • 128 speed steps for smooth speed control
  • Supports old 14 and 28 speed steps decoders
  • Control light (FL), and F1 to F8, and above (depends on throttle)
  • Built-in booster (~600mA) for directly running a small layout
  • Read*/write programmer for Address and CV byte/bit programming
  • Direct mode programming (NMRA prefered Service mode), and
  • Operations (OPS) mode programming - to program individual locos on the layout
  • Recognizes LocoNet Accessory Decoder commands, and generates appropriate DCC packets
  • Recognizes LocoNet OPS-mode programming commands, and generates appropriate DCC packets
* Requires Ack-detector


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